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  • yandeto  Australia

    Beautiful Shoes.
  • mille  Croatia

    The bag is just like on the picture. Great quality. Has 3 zippers inside and compartments. Wonderfull item. Blouse is a bit short but nice. If you are size S in Europe choose M or even L.
  • Stef  Ireland

    have got it last week, quick and nice thank You
  • monyvibol  Cambodia

    another great experiences 100 points as always
  • kahveci  Turkey

    hello, I could not make the payment process. Fails in credit card related transactions. Good work.
  • yandeto  Australia

    I love the elegant pearl necklack from Lisashow.
  • yandeto  Australia

    Very happy with the goods, thank you again for your lovely service.
  • yandeto  Australia

    It's a lovely T-shirt, perfect fit for me, thank you.
  • lanapham  Finland

    Good service!
  • Juliano  Italy

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